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Feb 10, 2008 — I was at the Apple store tonight, wasting some time before a movie. I was playing with the Mac Book Pro, which was pretty loaded with Final Cut, CS3, etc. It was running everything pretty smoothly, which I found interesting, because the specs sheet with the price that was sitting between the two computers had it listed out as 2gb RAM. This isn't anything special, and as someone who uses Photoshop on a 2gb laptop (HP) with a tendency to leave a lot of programs open, it can bog down pretty easily. So I figured these demo models had more memory. Sure enough, they both had 3gb.

This brings up the question: is this misleading marketing? I think it is. A customer is going to be playing around on one of these computers, and get a feel for how it works, and decide whether to buy it in large part due to this testing. Most will never check to see if the demo computer has different specs than the spec sheet sitting next to it. After all, why would it be different?

I wasn't really being a customer, since I was really just wasting some time in the store, but I was in the mood to be somewhat of a jerk, so I found the closest sales rep and confronted him about this. His reply was that, of course, he or a fellow sales rep would let the customer know the difference, and he pointed out that the computer also wouldn't come loaded with all this software either. Which I don't find as a valid argument because people generally know what software will come with the computer, but they are relying on the spec sheets to know what they are getting computer-wise. Secondly, I doubt it would be brought up that the display model was 3gb. The sales rep would no doubt encourage the customer to upgrade the memory, but I doubt they would go about it by pointing out that the customer was being mislead.

My point to the guy was not that it was wrong to have the 3gb model as the demo (I probably would have put a 4gb one out) but that the spec sheet should have said this. And it could have put the 2gb model on the sheet with the lower price, but it should have been explicit in saying which one was the demo. Otherwise it is a bit of a bait and switch operation.

In the end I got him to agree with me, but that since he wasn't the manager, he couldn't do anything about it. Yeah, too bad.

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Apple using misleading marketing?

That's un-possible!

More proof of old news.

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