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Jun 11, 2007 — The NCAA kicked out a reporter for posting live updates of a college baseball game on his blog. Apparently they have a policy against live bloggers.

How incredibly stupid is this? First, it shows that this is a bureaucracy that obviously doesn't understand what people want these days. I mean, we're talking about college baseball. How many of you have watched a college baseball game on TV in the last five years? I'm probably the only one. Mostly because they are never on TV. A blogger posting notes about the action live is as good as most fans that aren't there can get.

The other dumb thing about it is that any fan in the stadium could be posting to a blog. It's like banning the use of cell phones to call friends and tell them about something happening in the game.

I hope the lawyers for the newspapper sue the living hell out of the NCAA. They deserve it.

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